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GUERRACO Ballistics

Ballistic Clipboard - NIJ 3A (Handguns)

Ballistic Clipboard - NIJ 3A (Handguns)

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This is the perfect Law Enforcement, Government Agency, School, Business, or Personal Safety Shield.  At 14" high x 10" wide it gives vital personal protection when needed.  At a mere 1.5 lbs. you will not even know it is there giving you the protection you need without the heavy weight normally associated with this kind of protection.  It can also be carried in your car or placed strategically at your business.  It is particularly great for Officers, Real Estate Agents and Teachers.

Backside is made of White Erase Board for convenient usage.   Will not set off airport metal detectors!


- Protects the Vital Areas of your Body 

- Lightweight so you can carry it anywhere 

- Made of some of the strongest fibers on earth

- Size: 14" High x 10" Wide

- Color: Black & White (erase board)

- Performance: NIJ IIIA 0108.01 (Handgun rounds: .22LR, 9MM, .357 Mag, & .44 Mag)

- Weight: 1.5 lbs

- Thickness: 1/4"

-Warranty:   8 years


BULK ORDERS: Please contact us directly for special pricing

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