How GUERRACO came to be.

As a parent of two children in Elementary School who has been through the unthinkable moments of a “man on campus with gun” lockdown, I decided it was my responsibility to protect my kids, as well as all kids, in schools. Stopping an active shooter became my focus over the last 6 years and I spent all my spare time trying to solve the issue.

After much study, I came to the realization that the school safety problem has to be solved using the following 3 critical elements:

  1. Location - The threat needs to be stopped at the classrooms and other places in the school where students & teachers are located.
  2. Time - Seconds count! So I had to find a way to “buy time” so First Responders can arrive and do their job.
  3. Affordability - You can have the most effective product in the world, but if it is not affordable, it will not be used.

So I put together the best minds I could find to develop a proprietary combination of materials for physical breach, bullet & blast mitigation.

We have created a collection of products that balance safety, cost and student comfort.