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GUERRACO Ballistics

Tactical Arm Shield - Bulletproof - NIJ IIIA (Handgun rounds)

Tactical Arm Shield - Bulletproof - NIJ IIIA (Handgun rounds)

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A new non-lethal "Intermediate Weapon" for Law Enforcement Officers that replaces the more lethal Asp (Metal Whip) and Tazer which both have negative results for all involved when used.  

Our Shield gives the Officer safety so they can:

A) Block punches without having to throw one! 

When a threat attacks and hits the shield with a punch, they cause the injury to themselves.   This bodes well for an Officer in the court of law as it is completely self defense.


B) Adds 12" of Reach!

The Officer can safely hold a threat further away, off their body, so the threat cannot reach for the Officer's gun.   This Promotes a "safer" environment for both the Officer and the perpetrator.  


C) Gives the Officer Safety when approaching a vehicle, home or business

When an Officer approaches a vehicle, they are vulnerable.  Especially when they have to take their eyes off the driver and look in the back seat or passenger seat.  

When the Officer approaches a home or business, they have a tool to keep them safe that covers all their vital areas. 


D) Gives the Officer Safety & Security so they do not have to resort to their sidearm

The Officer has a tool to keep them safe and get them home to their families.   Knowing this, they can deescalate situations better and have less of a tendency to have to resort to their sidearm.


E) Perfect Size & Weight

An Officer an easily get in and out of a car with this shield.  He or She can carry this all day if necessary as it is ultralight protection!


F) Thoughtful Design

The well-placed curves allow for visibility and protection of vital body areas.


G) Blocks Saliva (Spit)

In these times of Covid 19, it is critical to keep bodily fluids off an officer.



- Weight: Only 5.29 Lbs.

- Size: 26.3"L x 12"W

- Protection level: NIJ IIIA  - Handgun Rounds: .22LR, 9mm, .357 mag, .44 Mag

- Warranty period: 8 years

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